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Thread: Enid or Edith

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    Enid or Edith

    our chosen girls names for the twins were originally Agnes Elizabeth and Martha Gwendoline...... but someone suggested Enid instead of Martha beacuse it had more spunk and it got me thinking.

    Another possibility is Edith but i have a Great Auntie Edith and i dont know if that is too close. She goes by Edie and since we are very big on nicknames, if we were to use Enid or Edith, she would go by Edie.

    Another thing is that our daughter is called Sybil and when we were named her, everyone thought it was because i was so in love with the Downton Abbey character Sybil (she was born during the series), but we had already chosen her name prior to the series starting. Edith is another Downton Name and is Sybil's sister in the series so i dont know if that would be too much?

    So the big question is.......

    Agnes Elizabeth (Nessie) and Martha Gwendoline
    Agnes Elizabeth (Nessie) and Enid Gwendoline (Edie)
    Agnes Elizabeth (Nessie) and Edith Gwendoline (Edie)

    the middle names are staying as they are the babies Great Grandmothers names and the spellings are staying the same too

    sorry this is so long but we really need everyones advice!

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    To be honest I love the Martha combination more than the other two, its beautiful and underused and does have spunk. Plus I think she pairs great with Agnes.

    But both Enid and Edith are lovely in their own right, as for the Downton Abbey association I don't think it really matters despite it being such a popular show right now (and an awesome one too). Both Sybil and Edith come with a long history with several associations that in time the memory of the tv show will fade and people will think of them as classic names. Because thats what they are: classic. As for the reference to your Great Aunt, it really depends if you are close to her and wouldn't mind the reference.

    Overall my vote goes to Martha. Good luck naming!

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    I think they're all completely lovely but Agnes and Edith compliment each other best.
    Good luck!
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    I love the idea of Sybil, Agnes, and Edith together! I don't think it's so obvious because Agnes is in there, too--although, I don't watch the show and don't really know all the characters' names. I think Agnes and Edith just complement each other the best, and Edith Gwendoline is just divine!

    Good luck!
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    I do believe the someone who suggested Enid was I! My goodness - tough choice. I think Edith and Enid are both a million times better than Martha. I love them both passionately. Both sound lovely with Gwendoline, and with Agnes and Sybil. Since Edith is a family name, I wouldn't worry about the Downton Abbey association. Enid is edgier, Edith is softer. It's kind of like Beatrix vs Beatrice. Which one calls to you?

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