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    Are these names a "mouthful"?

    Hi all!

    After months and months of debates, my husband and I have narrowed our list of girl names down to two.

    Evangeline Claire nn would be Eva
    Aurelia Belle nn would be Rae
    (middle names may be interchangeable...)

    While these names are beautiful, I am worried that the 4 syllable wordiness of the names are too much. I don't really like the idea of "burdening" someone with a lengthy name. I just think about filling out those test forms in school and having the poor kid sit there for 5 minutes while she fills in 10 bubbles! I know it sounds silly, but that's the kind of thing I think of when picking out names....

    So my question is: Are these two first names too much of a mouthful/too long?
    Bonus question: Which name do you like better and why?


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    I quite like a longer name with a short mn (or vise versa). I love both first names but I think the combo Evangeline Claire has the better flow of the two. Aurelia Belle has repetitve "el" sounds. I don't find the combos difficult to say.
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    I also like a longer first name, and Aurelia really isn't that long. Aurelia Claire would have to be my favorite combo.
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    I second Aurelia Claire. And they're not too much, especially with a shorter nickname.
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    Evangeline Claire has my vote.
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