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    Samaire.. i love SA-mare! but not pronounced as sa-MEER-ah
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    Ossian. I liked it like Cassian (oss-ee-an) but not Irish, wah-SHEEN.
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    When I first read Viggo I thought it was Vig-oh not Vee-go lol. I like it both ways to no biggie to me.
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    This just happened yesterday. I thought Lyra was pronounced LEER-uh but it's actually LIGH-ruh. Well, I have heard you can say it either way but LIGH-ruh seems far more common.
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    Yes and it makes me so sad... Catriona. I was saying it like ca-tree-on-a just like its spelled. It's actually Celtic and pronounced just like Katrina. I was convinced this was our next girl name, should we need one but I suppose not.

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