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    Quote Originally Posted by garnet View Post
    I know a Mieke - her family is Dutch.

    Also just realized I've been pronouncing Thalia right (yay!), but how do you pronounce Blythe? I think it sounds gorgeous with the long ythe sound at the end (as if it rhymes with the alive) but I've heard it pronounced as rhyming it with strife which does not seem half as elegant.
    Just like Blithe. Bl-eye-th (all one syllable).
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    I like Teagan misspronouced as tay gan ....

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    Huh, I thought somebody wrote that Blythe was pronounced like Bleeth? I am confused, lol.
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    I love the French girls' name Manon in its correct pronunciation, though I initially thought it was pronounced 'Mah-non'. Like Rhiannon.
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    Well, I love the name Malin which I've always believed to be pronounced Muh-lin, but it's actually pronounced Mal-n
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