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    Disney Channel "Neighborhood" Families

    The Duncan's: Good Luck Charlie
    DH: BWD.
    DW: FN starts with A, you choose MN.

    DS1 (20): Goes by PJ as FN, MN starts with D.
    DD1 (18): TRD.
    DS2 (14): FN starts with G, you choose MN.
    DD2 (4): FN starts with C, you choose MN.
    DS3 (2): TWKD.

    The Ross Family: Jessie
    DH: FN starts with M, MN starts with D.
    DW: FN: Christina, Camille, Carson or Catelynn. MN starts with E.

    DN (darling nanny, 22): FN: Jessie, Jessa, Jess or Jessica. You choose MN. LN starts with P.
    DD1 (16): FN starts with E, MN is mothers FN.
    ADS1 (15): Adopted from USA, LFR.
    ADS1 (13): Adopted from India, FN starts with R, MN starts with K.
    ADD2 (9): Adopted from Uganda, Africa. FN & MN start with Z.

    pet: you choose an unusual pet.

    [B]The Matthews Family:[B] Girl Meets World
    DH: FN starts with C but is an old fashioned name. MN starts with A.
    DW: FN starts with T and is very uncommon/unusual. Maiden name starts with L and is hyphenated with LN.

    DD (13): FN starts with R and is unisex. You choose MN.
    -DD BFF (13): FN starts with M, MN is your choice, LN starts with H.
    DS (5): FN & MN: August Shawn, Augusto Shawn or Augustus Shawn.

    The Rooney's: Liv and Maddie
    DH: FN starts with P. MN is your choice.
    DW: FN starts with K. MN is your choice.

    DD1 & DD2 (16): Olive Grace & Madeline Faith or Olivia Grace & Madison Faith.
    DS1 (15): FN starts with J. You choose MN.
    DS2 (10): FN starts with P and is unisex. MN is after father.

    The James Family: Dog With A Blog
    DH: FN: Benjamin or Bennett. MN is your choice. Is step-father to DD1.
    DW: FN starts with E. Maiden name is either Jennings, Jenkins or Jenner. Is step-mother to DS & DD2.

    DS (16): TRJ.
    DD1 (15): FN: Avery, Ava or Avalon. MN is mothers FN.
    DD2 (8): FN & MN: Chloe Rose, Cleo Rose or Candace Rose.

    pet DOG: has human FN starting with S. Also uncommon human MN starting with M.

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    The Duncan's: Good Luck Charlie
    DH: Barrett Wilson Duncan
    DW: Antonia Louise *Annie* Duncan

    DS1 (20): PJ Daniel Duncan
    DD1 (18): Tessa Renee Duncan
    DS2 (14): Grayer Matthew Duncan
    DD2 (4): Callie Elise Duncan
    DS3 (2): Taryn Willa Kay Duncan

    The Ross Family: Jessie
    DH: Milo Damon Ross
    DW: Carson Eleanor Ross

    DN (darling nanny, 22): Jessie Noelle Peverell
    DD1 (16): Esme Carson Ross
    ADS1 (15): Lyle Franklin Ross - Adopted from USA
    ADS1 (13): Ronan Kendrick Ross - Adopted from India
    ADD2 (9): Zoe Zinnia Ross - Adopted from Uganda, Africa

    pet: Daisy (pig)

    [B]The Matthews Family:[B] Girl Meets World
    DH: Crispin Alaric Matthews
    DW: Timari Lopez-Matthews

    DD (13): Rowan Camille Matthews
    -DD BFF (13): Maisie Lorene Haan
    DS (5): Augustus Shawn Matthews

    The Rooney's: Liv and Maddie
    DH: Penn Carl Rooney
    DW: Kendra Jean Rooney

    DD1 & DD2 (16): Olive Grace Rooney & Madeline Faith Rooney
    DS1 (15): Judson Cole Rooney
    DS2 (10): Parker Penn Rooney

    The James Family: Dog With A Blog
    DH: Benjamin Nolan James
    DW: Eliza Jenkins James

    DS (16): Truman Ross James
    DD1 (15): Avalon Eliza
    DD2 (8): Cleo Rose James

    pet DOG: Silas Maverick
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    The Duncan's: Good Luck Charlie
    DH: Bryan Wade Duncan
    DW: Alycia Kristine Duncan

    DS1 (20): Parker James Daniel Duncan "PJ"
    DD1 (18): Taylor Rose Duncan
    DS2 (14): Griffin Wade Duncan
    DD2 (4): Carly Nicole Duncan
    DS3 (2): Tyler Wesley Kent Duncan "Ty"

    The Ross Family: Jessie
    DH: Michael Daniel
    DW: Christina Elaine

    DN (darling nanny, 22): Jessa Rose Peterson
    DD1 (16): Emma Christina
    ADS1 (15): Logan Frederick Ross
    ADS1 (13): Riley Kerr
    ADD2 (9): Zarah Zoe

    pet: Orion the pet howler monkey

    [B]The Matthews Family:[B] Girl Meets World
    DH: Cameron Alexander
    DW: Thalia Elaine Logan-Matthews

    DD (13): Ryan Elizabeth
    -DD BFF (13): Maia Delores Hughes
    DS (5): August Shawn

    The Rooney's: Liv and Maddie
    DH: Peter James
    DW: Kara Madeline

    DD1 & DD2 (16): Olivia Grace & Madison Faith
    DS1 (15): James Peter
    DS2 (10): Peyton James

    The James Family: Dog With A Blog
    DH: Benjamin Claude
    DW: Erika Marie Jennings

    DS (16): Tyler Ross Jennings
    DD1 (15): Ava Erika
    DD2 (8): Candace Rose

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    The Duncan's: Good Luck Charlie
    DH: Breccan Westley
    DW: Ashlyn Cornelia

    DS1 (20): Preston Jace Davis
    DD1 (18): Teagan Rachel
    DS2 (14): Greyson Porter (actually Gabe's middle name starts with P, as we find out in the Season 1 episode "Charlie Did It!")
    DD2 (4): Cassie Erin
    DS3 (2): Tate Warren Keller

    The Ross Family: Jessie
    DH: Mark Dexter
    DW: Carson Ellery

    DN (darling nanny, 22): Jessica Nicole Partridge
    DD1 (16): Esther Carson
    ADS1 (15): Lennox Frederick
    ADS1 (13): Ryland Keats
    ADD2 (9): Zadie Zahara

    pet: chinchilla named Harvey

    The Matthews Family: Girl Meets World
    DH: Cuthbert Aurelius "Bert"
    DW: Talitha Larkin-Matthews

    DD (13): Rory Amelia
    -DD BFF (13): Morgan Lisbeth Hamilton
    DS (5): Augustus Shawn "Gus"

    The Rooney's: Liv and Maddie
    DH: Paris Richard
    DW: Klaudia Michelle

    DD1 & DD2 (16): Olive Grace "Ollie" and Madeline Faith
    DS1 (15): Judson Rupert
    DS2 (10): Payson Richard

    The James Family: Dog With A Blog
    DH: Benjamin Alexander
    DW: Everly Jenner

    DS (16): Theo Ryan
    DD1 (15): Ava Everly
    DD2 (8): Cleo Rose

    pet DOG: Samantha Merida

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