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    Dec 2012

    If you just like had twins without knowing you where pregnant?

    I want to know what you would call your twins but theres 1 girl and 1 boy in this
    Please post

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    Slytherin Common Room
    Oh man, I'd be so surprised but pleased!

    I'd use my top name for each gender, it works perfectly imo. Alessandra and Nathaniel.

    Laurel - twenty one - Toronto
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Jan 2013
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    My boy would definitely definitely by Tobias Henry. The girl is debatable, it's a toss up between Melody Marie or Georgina Grace... Or maybe something else entirely: Lucia Skye, Summer Alexandra, Arianna Ember
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    Same as always...
    Michael Ryan & Phoebe Elizabeth, but if it were up to my boyfriend they would be Josiah Stephen & Phoebe Elizabeth (or Phoebe Teresa)
    ~ Ashley ~
    Getting married in June, 2015

    Girls: Phoebe Elizabeth, Ivy Teresa, Josephine Grace
    Boys: Michael Ryan, Jethro Nicholas, Felix Everett, Noah Robert

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    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

    *Penelope Sadie Kite* Piper Olive Cordelia* Phoebe Clementine Hope* Hattie Vivian Jewel* Willa Florence Eve*

    *Finn Wesley Joseph* Ezra Calvin David* Judah Theodore Henry* Leo Abram James*

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