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    DH: Benjamin Richard Harvey 'Ben'
    DW: Nyla Lousie Harvey 'Nyla'
    (Triplet) DD1: Lillian Maria Harvey 'Lily'
    (Triplet) DD2: Savannah Rose Harvey 'Sav'
    (Triplet) DD3: Evanna Elle Harvey 'Evie'
    DS1: Harrison Edward Harvey 'Harri'
    DS2: Brayden Thomas Harvey 'Brady'

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lillian Maria Harvey 'Lily'
    DH: Evander Holden Woods 'Van'
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Seraphina Jade Harvey -Woods 'Phina'
    -DH: Edison Silas Johnson 'Ed'
    --DD: Olive Gabriella Johnson 'Ollie'
    DS1: Eldridge James Harvey -Woods 'Ridge'
    DS2: Soren Ross Harvey -Woods 'Soren'
    DS3: Ida Danielle Harvey -Woods 'Ida'

    DD2's family:
    DW: Savannah Rose Harvey 'Sav'
    DH: Brooks Gregory Tolliver 'Brooks'
    DS1: Arlo Sterling Tolliver 'Arlie'
    DS2: Ramsay Falcon Tolliver 'Ram'

    DD3's family:
    DW: Evanna Elle Harvey 'Evie'
    DH1: Rhys William Calloway
    DD1: Marina Seren Calloway 'Mimi'
    DH2: Samuel Dean Oakley
    DD2: Pippa Annabelle Oakley
    DS1: Leo Isaac Oakley

    DS1's family:
    DH: Harrison Edward Harvey 'Harri'
    DW: Willow Faith Anderson
    DS: Price Stanley Anderson

    DS2's family:
    DH: Brayden Thomas Harvey
    DD: Juniper Beatrix Harvey
    ~ Under Construction! ~

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    DH: Benjamin Robert Hammond
    DW: Noelle Lorelai Hammond
    (Triplet) DD1: Lorelai Marie Hammond
    (Triplet) DD2: Seraphina Rose Hammond
    (Triplet) DD3: Elena Elizabeth Hammond
    DS1: Henry Elliott Hammond
    DS2: Benjamin Theodore Hammond

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lorelai Marie Hammond
    DH: Emmett Harry White
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Scarlett Jane Hammond-White
    -DH: Ethan Seth Jacobs
    --DD: Olive Gwendolyn Jacobs
    DS1: Elijah Jude Hammond-White
    DS2: Seth Robert Hammond-White
    DS3: Isaac David Hammond-White

    DD2's family:
    DW: Seraphina Rose Hammond
    DH: Brandon Gray Talon
    DS1: Archer Sterling Talon
    DS2: Ronan Finn Talon

    DD3's family:
    DW: Elena Elizabeth Hammond
    DH1: Richard William Carrigan
    DD1: Melody Skye Carrigan
    DH2: Stephen Daniel O' Halloran
    DD2: Phoebe Anne O' Halloran
    DS1: Lucas Ian O' Halloran

    DS1's family:
    DH: Henry Elliott Hammond
    DW: Winona Faye Adams
    DS: Porter Seth Adams

    DS2's family:
    DH: Benjamin Theodore Hammond
    DD: Juliet Blair Hammond
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    DH: Benedict Robert Hare
    DW: Nora Lydia Hare
    DD1: Laura Melissa Hare
    DD2: Sylvia Rebecca Hare
    DD3: Elizabeth Elena Hare
    DS1: Henry Edward Hare
    DS2: Brian Thomas Hare

    DD1's family:
    DW: Laura Melissa Hare
    DH: Eric Howard Watson
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Sarah Jessica Hare-Watson
    -DH: Elijah Sean Jensen
    --DD: OGJ
    DS1: Eric Joshua Hare-Watson
    DS2: Samuel Robert Hare-Watson
    DS3: Isaac Daniel Hare-Watson

    DD2's family:
    DW: Sylvia Rebecca Hare
    DH: Benjamin Gregory Thompson
    DS1: Anthony Stephen Thompson
    DS2: Robert Franklin Thompson

    DD3's family:
    DW: Elizabeth Elena Hare
    DH1: Richard William Carson
    DD1: Molly Samantha Carson
    DH2: Stephen Dalton Orion
    DD2: Penelope Ada Orion
    DS1: Lucas Ian Orion

    DS1's family:
    DH: Henry Edward Hare
    DW: Wendy Francesca Armstrong
    DS: Patrick Samuel Hare

    DS2's family:
    DH: Brian Thomas Hare
    DD: June Beatrice Hare
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    DH: Brett Robert Hardcastle
    DW: Naomi Lillian Hardcastle
    (Triplet) DD1: Lydia Margaret Hardcastle
    (Triplet) DD2: Savannah Rose Hardcastle
    (Triplet) DD3: Elaina Elizabeth Hardcastle
    DS1: Hayden Elijah Hardcastle
    DS2: Benjamin Thomas Hardcastle

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lydia Margaret Hardcastle
    DH: Everett Howard White
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Scarlett Jillian Hardcastle-White
    -DH: Edward Samuel Jacobs
    --DD: Olivia Greer Jacobs
    DS1: Eric Jameson Hardcastle-White
    DS2: Steven Reid Hardcastle-White
    DS3: Isaac Daniel Hardcastle-White

    DD2's family:
    DW: Savannah Rose Hardcastle
    DH: Blake Gregory Taylor
    DS1: Andrew Seth Taylor
    DS2: Riley Finnegan Taylor

    DD3's family:
    DW: Elaina Elizabeth Hardcastle
    DH1: Roger William Caldwell
    DD1: Madelyn Samantha Caldwell
    DH2: Shaun David Odom
    DD2: Paige Abigail Odom
    DS1: Liam Isaiah Odom

    DS1's family:
    DH: Hayden Elijah Hardcastle
    DW: Willa Faith Andress
    DS: Parker Shane Andress

    DS2's family:
    DH: Benjamin Thomas Hardcastle
    DD: Julia Breanne Hardcastle (me)

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