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    I know a woman named Fern Feather.

    Also I knew a prof in college whose name was Victor Rhee.
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    This is such a fun thread. I know a Peter Piper. When people question him about it he just responds, "The Third," I guess he's Peter Piper III. My parents went to college with a Tyg Erskins (tiger skins).

    I also have an ancestor named James Potter which made me super happy in middle school when I was in the middle of my 12th read through of the Harry Potter series. (James is Harry's father).
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    Just read this in the newspaper... John Charles Doe. I can't believe someone actually named their kid John Doe.

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    When I was in tenth grade, we had a substitute teacher called Mrs Hornyblow. Trust me, you don't want to be announcing that as your name to a group of sixteen year old kids!

    We also had an English teacher called Miss Hemingway, which everybody thought was very appropriate.
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    My dentist is named Dino Bordini. And he has an assistant who's last name is Watermolen.

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