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Thread: Tilda

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    Please may I have your opinion on the name Tilda? Yes, no, what would she be like?
    My mum gave me a list of girls names she's been collecting for me and Tilda was the only one I kind of liked.
    A hypothetical sister to Bugsy.

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    I love Tilda! It makes me think of Tilda Swinton.
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    Tilda reminds me of the tilde symbol (~)

    It's probably my least favorite nickname for Matilda.

    With that said, I think it's kind of cute next to Bugsy. I have no idea why...
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    I like it a lot, although prefer it as a nn for Matilda. Pp reminds me that I think Greta would make a really nice sister name to Bugsy, too.
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    I have a baby Matilda and while I don't plan on using a nickname, if I do, I would use Tilda.
    Actually my husband loves that it sounds like tilde. "She can just sign her name "~" !"

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