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  • Stella

    50 55.56%
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    Jenna - I was just thinking about that! How I love all the many nn's for Eloise. I could really have fun with this one and I like how her name can evolve with her over time. Elle and LuLu are my all time favorites.
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    Both Eloise and Stella are wonderful matches for Violet. However, to me, Violet and Eloise seem like natural sisters.
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    I love Eloise! I think it's so pretty. I think it has a light happy feel to it, but still has enough substance. Stella - eh, not my favorite. I think of the beer Stella Artois which a lot of people drink here, and also about Stella in "Streetcar". Because of the play it always has a more somber and melodramatic feel to it for me.
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    LOVE Eloise, however I think Violet and Stella both have a certain spunk to them that works perfectly

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    Eloise has a spunky charm to it that I love, making it a great match for Violet. Elle is a great nn a well. Stella is nice as well, but it's not as great a match for Violet.

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