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    Number of letters in sibling names?

    I was just curious to know what everyone's opinions are on the amount of letters/syllables/lengths of sibling names. My brother questioned how I planned on using the first name Alexander with potential brothers Mark, Evan, and Jack. Would this bother anyone else? Would you question a sib set like this? Say Luke, Max, Claire, and Gabriella?

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    I don't think many people would notice anything, and if Alexander is nicknamed Alex, then Evan balances out the two syllables. I think having the same syllables balances out names, but it's not a necessity. As for the number of letters, I wouldn't notice anything unless it was something like Maximillian and Io. But Alex, Jack, Mark and Evan are fine, and Alexander, Evan, Mark and Jack are ok to me.
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    I'm personally more into syllable count than letter count.

    Personally I would not like having a 4 syllable first and a 1 syllable first in the same sibset, but that could just be my personal weirdnesses acting up. I'd prefer to stick to 1-2 or 3-4.

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    It would not bother me.

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    I have 2 children with 5 letters and 1 with 4 letters, so I am kind of tempted to get a 4 letter name for this one, but don't want to restrict myself. I could also go with syllables, I have 2 with 2 syllables and 1 with 1, so could look for another 1 syllable. Or if I could find a 4 letter name with one syllable it would be perfect. LOL

    In reality, I'll worry more about finding names I love, rather than matching such silly criteria. But being a name geek I did notice the pattern.
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