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    Cassian & Atticus are awesome. Cassius & Atticus rhyme, but switch the ending to the smooth, scholarly Cassian and you win my vote in a heartbeat.

    Why not Cassian Evander & Atticus Vincent?
    Blade, MD

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    I would like to second Blade's suggestion of Cassian. I think it's perfect with Atticus and Gemma.
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    Some great suggestions. I'd like to add Sennett, Sutton, Beckett, Everett, and Kellan.
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    I love Cassius but Atticus and Cassius is way too close!

    Atticus & Isaac would so get my vote, and my favourite boy's name ever is Isaac Nathaniel!!!

    I can't see Atticus with Callisto, Lennon and Lennox.

    Other ideas...
    Bennett Evander
    Everett Nathaniel (love this, especially because both boy's would the double 'tt')
    Matteo Sebastian
    Rafferty Evander
    Emmett Nathaniel
    Beckett Sebastian
    Marshall Evander
    Cillian/Killian Evander
    Stellan Evander
    Conall Evander
    Elliott Sebastian
    Harrison Evander
    Lleyton Evander
    Wyatt Nathaniel
    Canaan Evander
    Kellan Evander
    Thaddeus Evander (maybe too close to Atticus)
    Maximillian Evander
    Keenan Evander
    Griffin Evander
    Forrest Evander
    Maxwell Evander
    Lloyd Sebastian

    Hope this helps!!!
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