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  • Cael Kieron

    7 16.67%
  • Cael Grey

    16 38.10%
  • Grey Kieron

    18 42.86%
  • Link Ronin

    3 7.14%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Sep 2012

    NAME POLL! 6 days until boy #3 comes!

    This has been HARD the third time around! Posting again - brothers are Eben (EH-ben) and Bode (BO-dee). We love short names that are not very common.

    These are the 4 name combos we are down to - please vote and would love to know opinions!

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    I love Cael Grey! An awesome name for Eben and Bode's sibling.
    All the best,

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    I'm not totally sure how to pronounce Cael -- is it like the vegetable? That's how I'm saying it in my head, so Cael Grey, to me, sounds sort of like Pale Grey. Not great. And Link just reminds me of Legends of Zelda; not a bad association, I suppose. I voted for Cael Kieron.

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    I think Cael Grey goes best with your other sons names.
    I'm really loving

    ~Lorelei ~ Clarissa~ Victoria~ Rose~ Miranda~ Faith~ Hope~Honor~ Eve~ Abigail~ Harriet~ Agatha ~Charlotte

    Sebastian ~ Maxwell ~ Adam~ Oliver~ Hugo~ Theodore~ Luke~ Milo

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    I voted for Cael Kieron, though I prefer it spelled Ciaran. Love the alliteration here.
    I think Ronin is wonderful, and in this case I actually like that you've tinkered with the spelling to get the wandering samurai reference. I'm not wild about Link though. So, my official vote is:
    Cael Ciaran
    Cael Ronin or Ronin Cael

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