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    The baby is here!

    What do you like better for Griffin's middle name: Benjamin or Henry? Or something else?

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    Here's a vote for Griffin Henry. Griffin Benjamin would be ok, but the three syllables ending with N is a little too repetitive (N-heavy) to my ears. Griffin and Benjamin sound rhyme-y.

    I don't know what names you like or any characteristics of your last name, but here are some additional ideas:

    Griffin Alexander
    Griffin Oliver
    Griffin Ross
    Griffin Augustus
    Griffin Thomas
    Griffin Maxwell
    Griffin Zachary
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    I like Griifin Henry for the same reason, but Griffin Augustus sounds terrific too!
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    Griffin Henry is lovely. Griffin Benjamin is a bit of a mouthful, whereas I feel Griffin Henry flows off the tongue quite easily.

    Congratulations!! I'm sure whatever you choose will suit him perfectly.

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    Congrats! I love the name Benjamin, but think Henry sounds better with Griffin. Griffin Benjamin does sound too rhyme-y.
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