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Thread: Royal Babies

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    Royal Babies

    As is tradition with the British Royal family, the children receive 3-4 names.

    Roll a die to see how many children you will have. Roll again for each child; odd is for a boy, even is for a girl.

    Names are not limited to be "British' names. International names are welcome.

    (1)Boy- Anthony Francis Christopher James
    (5)Boy- Walter Leopold Taliesin Otis
    (4)Girl- Adelaide Elizabeth Helena Alexandra
    (1)Boy- Harrison Guillaume Theodore John

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    DD: Princess Helena Mathilde Alexandria Ruby
    DS: Prince Gabriel Arthur Alexander Henrick
    DD: Princess Caroline Aurora Madeleine Clarise
    DD: Princess Rosalie Alice Evangeline Grace
    DS: Prince Frederick Anthony Phillip Elijah

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    - Sara Viviene -
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    GP: Calvert ~ Cassius ~ Niklaus ~ Harper ~ Damon ~ Petrova ~ Ophelia ~ Lux ~ Quinn ~ Aubriana

    “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same” ~ Anne Frank

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    xoxo Sam
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