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    I agree that Cole Roy sounds a bit odd. If he likes Cole, Clark and Bruce, it seems like he likes short, strong names. What about:

    Zachary (Zach)
    Trying, trying, trying

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    @mckaylalove he is a huge comic fan and that's exactly why he likes those names... Which is why I suggested Parker (Spiderman's civilian last name) And he hated it, and said "Only if its Peter Parker". I don't like the name peter, and I'm all about humoring the whole comic book thing, but I draw a line. He wants "Bruce Wayne Roy. Clark Kent Roy. Peter Parker Roy. Luke Skywalker Roy" and I just won't to it to my poor child! And any suggestion I make he just seems to hate. I'm almost in tears sometimes he's so annoying with it. I don't know what to do. Everything is either "too classic, too unique" or "not a name". I'm so lost. I hope I can find a name we both love, and soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelsz26 View Post
    He wants "Bruce Wayne Roy. Clark Kent Roy. Peter Parker Roy. Luke Skywalker Roy" and I just won't to it to my poor child!
    You are completely justified in your frustration. No offense, but it sounds like your husband needs to grow up. Perhaps you should sit him down, inform him of the fact that he is no longer 12 years old and that the two of you have a real, live human to name, and go from there.
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    No offense taken, to know I'm not crazy and you understand makes me feel a lot better!!
    Every time I talk to him about it, he tells me that he just genuinely likes the names Bruce and Clark. Which, knowing him, I actually believe. There is just no common ground for us and boys names. We have dozens girls names that we absolutely love, but we can't agree on a single boys name. It's very frustrating. I try to appease him by looking up marvel or dc characters, try to find out their names and I suggest the ones that I like to him. But then it goes back to "I don't like Parker on it's own, it would have to be Peter Parker" We literally have a list of "Meh" names. But like I said in my first post, I want to love my childs name! I want the child to be able to go through his or her entire life with a good solid name that suits them.
    These are our "Meh" Boys names, but I'm also pretty weird and have reasons to why I can't commit to LOVING it. But these are literally the only names he hasn't said "No" to.

    Benjamin (Could love this, but the song "Ben" makes me hesitate)
    Maxwell (Because Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell)
    Jack (Because of people saying "Off" after it)
    Charles (Because I love the nn. Charlie, but it's becoming a feminine nn. as well)

    and then there's Thomas Joseph(nn. TJ) after our fathers. But his parent's are divorced, and we're very close with his mother, and when we told her we were thinking about it, she was nearly in tears because of us possibly naming our first born after her ex.

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