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    Quote Originally Posted by anton_yelchin_fan View Post
    There is an author named Jonathan Saffron Foer (Everything is Illuminated), and its the only thing I can think of that shows it could work on a boy. I would still probably use it for the middle name though.
    He's Safran, which is a Jewish surname. His mother's maiden name, I believe.
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    Oh is it?

    It's pronounced like Saffron though.

    But maybe that would be another option for the "Saff" sound.

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    It is Safran yes. His mother's maiden name. He writes nice books.

    Saffron in England is all girl, I couldn't dream of a boy names this.
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    Reading through all these comments, I'm kinda into Safford Grey now. Archer is good too, but Safford is super cool. And Saff is great. Please do not burden your boy with Saffron, Sapphire (yikes!), or a middle name of Grace.

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