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Thread: Whistler

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    Well hello!

    I have been lusting over the name Whistler for a while now. It has special meaning to our family, and we think it has a great sound, especially with our last name.

    I have one question though. Since our fam is huge on nicknames, trying to come up with one for Whistler has been a bit of a challenge. My immediate first thought was Whistler nn Whit. Do you think this works well? Is it weird since we would obviously be pronouncing the "t" in Whit, but not in Whistler? Is there any other options you can think of as a nickname for Whistler?

    Another question would be, if you heard a parent calling their kid "Whit" on the playground, would you assume a little boy or girl would come running? Whittaker? Whitney? (This doesn't really matter to us, since we actually like unisex names/don't see a problem in them, but I am still curious nonetheless.)

    Could you see a little Whistler nn Whit running around with brothers Rigby (Rig), Miller (Mills) and sisters Wren (Birdie) & Eloise (Lola)?

    xo Viv
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    I adore all your kiddos' names! I also think Whistler, nn Whit goes great with the sibset.

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    I love your kids names! To be honest at first I thought Whistler, now way. Then I thought about it and I really like it. I think it could be used for boy or girl. It makes me think of a very happy little child. I also think Whit is a perfect NN.

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    Whistler immediately makes me think of Whistler's Mother (and a Rocky and Bullwinkle sketch about the painting, haha). I don't mind the connection though, and I love the nn Whit. I don't think the "t" thing matters. I also don't think that Whit is particularly gendered, but if I were to pick one, I'd say I see a boy with this nickname (Walt Whitman kinda comes to mind with "Whit"). I think Whitney is generally dropping off and I don't know a Whitney who goes by Whit.

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    I know someone named Whistler with twin brother Harper. ^_^

    I think Whit would work fine as a nn for Whistler. It's strong an handsome and I would think it was a boy if I heard Whit on the playground. I think Whistler goes really nicely with the other children ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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