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    Nesting like crazy...I think baby is coming soon! Vote on the 2 finalists thus far :)

    Hi Everyone!

    Ive been cleaning like a mad woman today and yesterday! I think we're getting close!

    We've been between two names the last couple days but it looks like we have it narrowed down! Of course one of the other contenders could sneak back in at the last minute but at this point it looks like we are between Mathias and August.

    I want to use a second middle name of either Lou or Louis to honor my grandma as this is most likely our last baby and last chance.

    The first middle name will be for my husbands side of the family. His middle name is Henry, which is what I'm favoring...then there's his dad David (passed away) and his grandpas (also deceased) Jack and Max.

    What I'm looking for is the best combo for both names...i realize they are not going to have the perfect flow with the names we are working with, but its more important to me that we honor my gma rather than have perfect flow with only one middle name.

    All comments and any other suggestions are much appreciated!

    If you could also let me know if Angus will ever be useable in the US...we both are loving it but afraid to even put it on the list....last chance to consider it so we'd like opinions on that before its too late. I myself could picture a little Angus but I'm worried about everyone else...would people get over the beef?

    Here's the (corrected) link to the poll:
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    Mathias Henry Louis I think is my favorite, but the "as" and "is" endings are very similar. Would you consider Lou as the fist middle name to achieve better flow?
    Mathias Lou Henry is better IMO.

    I don't really like Angus but it could come back.

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    Oh, I like both Mathias and August, but I'm voting for Mathias! It's such a handsome, famililar-yet-not-overused choice, like my top favorite Tobias. If I'd had another brother (I got a couple little sisters instead!), his name would probably have been Matthias.
    I like Mathias Henry Lou. Congratulations, and best wishes for a safe birth!

    I see Angus as usable. Sure, people will think of beef, but Irish and Scottish names are more hip than ever right now, and I think Angus, with that -us ending that's starting to surge in the Roman-name subtrend, will soon be seen as more cool than clunky. I know of a young Angus in my community.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really love August! Objectively, Matthias is a great name and I'd love to see it used (I like it better with this spelling), but I like August much better, and much better with your children. I would love to see August Henry Lou or August Jack Louis/August Louis Jack.

    I think Matthias is lovely, though, and Conrad, Nolan, Juniper, and Matthias/Mathias would be lovely together.

    As for Angus, I can't get past the beef, sorry. I think Gustav, Fergus, and August (and his cousins) are much better ways to get to Gus, personally. I can't really see Angus working outside of Australia (where it seems to be hitting it pretty big right now). I think a lot of people would have the same reaction, but if you love it enough, I think you should use it. People will get over it. I know a little girl whose name sounds like "tiki" as a tiki lamp, and it absolutely blew my mind when they used it, but now it's just her name. I don't think it's the best name out there, but it's her, and it's not my place to judge. And Angus is much better than that.
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    My son's name is August. We were going to call him Gus when he was born, but he's been Auggie since the day he came home from the hospital So I am partial to August over Angus. I think it's less harsh and has more flexibility for nicknames. Good luck and congrats!

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