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    Anyone remember that website?

    Just within a day or two, a fellow nameberry mentioned the name of a website where you can type in names you like, and it will generate a list of names similar in style. Does anyone happen to remember the name of that website? I can't seem to find the post I read it in. It started with an "N", but that's all I can recall. Pregnancy brain, at its finest!

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    I'm guessing nymbler.

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    The website is .
    anne teresa. 19.
    bibliophile & anglophile.
    "if you'll only call me anne spelled with an e i shall try to reconcile myself to not being called cordelia." -anne of green gables

    Katherine, Lucy, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Elanor, Julia, Hazel,
    Margaret, Elodie, Anneliese, Marian, Aurelia, Vivian
    James, Atticus, Malachi, Ezra, Lewis, Benjamin, Alexander, Matthias,
    Gabriel, Finn, Dietrich, Kieran, Henry, Fletcher, Dominic, Lysander

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