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Thread: Cristiano

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    It DOES make me think of Ronaldo right away, but it's nice. I'm a Christian and spend a lot of time in Christian circles and I have only ever known one person with the name Christian who actually was one. I actually think most of the people who name their kids Christian aren't actually Christians spiritually. It's a bit like naming your kid Christopher really. I like Cristiano because it's a Spanish name that you really can't butcher in English. Sure, people might not roll the "R" but it's still going to be Criss-tee--ah--no, or at worst, Criss-tee-ann-oh. It's not like Manuel that somehow gets turned into Manual. Really??!!
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    I immediately thought of Ronaldo when I saw the post, and I don't follow football at all! I think the name itself is nice, but I can't help but feel that a strong association with a footballer in the UK makes a name seem chavy - I'm sorry :/
    If it doesn't bother you personally though then use it, I don't think the religious or foreign things matter whatsoever. I have a cousin named Christian whose family are not religious, its just a nice sounding name to them and it works fine.
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    I am in the US and I admittedly did immediately think of Ronaldo, but I don't think that means you shouldn't use the name. Just because there's a famous person with the name doesn't necessarily mean you got it from them. Especially since this name is not a super unusual name. I was going to agree with pp who said it sounds more ethnic than religious, but since you said that doesn't matter in Europe, it should be fine. (That is fascinating to me, by the way, because there are SO many names of different cultures that I love but am not confident enough to pull of using ... interesting to know folks do it over there all the time!

    I am Catholic and fairly religious and do not see this name, despite its meaning, as a Christian name. I wouldn't think it was weird to meet a little Christian or Cristiano (oohh, I just love this name -- it gives me the chills!!) without a Christian background. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    I like Cristiano because it's a Spanish name that you really can't butcher in English.
    Actually it's not Spanish. The Spanish form is Cristián. Though some in the Hispanic American community may be using it because of the Cristiano Ronaldo connection, but he's actually Portuguese. I also find it interesting that Hispanic Americans use Iker (which is Basque) and Xavi (Catalan) because of the footballer connection. (Not negative, just interesting!)
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    Wow, so many Americans have heard of Ronaldo. I am impressed. Here, there's a stereotype that Americans don't know anything about European football. (Not that we know much about American football.)

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