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    Robin or Robert?

    Robin is being used as a full name where I live now, and I like it as a full name. But my grandfather is Robert, so maybe Robert with the nickname Robin would be a better option?
    Do you Robin should stay as a nickname, or is it a fresh option? Or has it, perhaps, moved over to the girls section?

    What would you pair Robin/Robert with?
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    I can see Robin coming back as a full name for boys, however, I prefer Robert nn Robin.
    Good luck,

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    I know a baby boy named Robin. I have met females with this name or the Robyn version which I don't care for.

    To me Robin is naturey & more modern or on-trend for a boy right now. Robert is a bit of a cast aside classic imo. I really like Bert best as it's nickname. I could see either Robert or Robin on a little boy with hipster parents- both choices are delightfully rare.

    I have never met a Robert called Robin, I am in Brooklyn & to me, Robin has always been a stand alone name.

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    I have never heard of Robin being used as a nickname before. All the Robin's I have ever met, that was their full name and not a nickname. I personally prefer Robin to Robert. Robert seems very plain and overused, Robin seems fresh and handsome.

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