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    Dec 2012
    I guess I'm looking for something a little more.... common?? but not plain and boring..
    Some recent contenders:
    Giselle Iris
    Giselle Corrine
    Giselle Cassandra
    Giselle Victoria
    Giselle Andrea
    Giselle Rosalind
    Giselle Meredith
    Giselle Annaliese
    and of course Giselle Grace

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    Dec 2012
    I had Giselle Elyse on the list but my husband didn't like the double el sound. I haven't run the new list by him yet. LOL

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    I think Giselle Victoria is very pretty!!!

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    Honestly, that was my #1 for a long time but when I googled it the supermodel Giselle came up as being associated with Victorias Secret so I took it off my list.. I know, I'm way overthinking this!!

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