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    Quote Originally Posted by irmgard+theodorian View Post
    Greta & Graziella sounds cute together, although perhaps too close together. Maybe use Graziella as a middle.
    Wow, those do sound good together! As do Greta and Griselda!

    @sowurz - I love Giselle Gracia/Giselle Graciella and Giselle Rosalind (please vote!)

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    Greta and Giselle are both charming names. To me, Giselle is French, so I think it works French names: Giselle Justine? Just a thought ...

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    And if you use Giselle Grace, you can call her Gigi for short (GG -- ha).

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    I really like Greta Gabrielle and Giselle Anneliese, so I hope your husband changes his mind

    I also think that three syllable names ending in -ine would work well with Giselle. For example: Giselle Aveline (ah-vuh-LEEN). Also, since Giselle ends in a consonant sound, names beginning with vowels may have a more natural flow, if that's what you're looking for. Good luck!
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    So far, my top is Giselle Victoria and my husband likes Giselle Eliza. I like the suggestion of names ending in -ine so I'm going to explore those a little more also

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