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    WDYT of boys name Tevin?

    I'm still trying to find a boys name that starts with T that the hubs and I can agree on. We've recently been considering Tevin (middle name will be Edward- family tradition). Our other top name is Trace. Any thoughts on these two?

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    Tevin sounds like someone who can't pronounce Kevin. Trace is ever worse.
    What about Tanner, Talon, Theodore, Tate, Tucker, Tyler, Taylor, Texas, Taj, Thomas, Thatcher, Tellus, Taft, Tristan, Timothy?
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    I think Tevin is really bad. Not a huge fan of Trace, but it isn't terrible. I like ashkez's suggestions of Tanner, Tucker, Thomas, and Timothy.

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    What about the Irish name Tevis? It sounds more distinctive than Tevin, which really would be confused with Kevin, but has the same bounce.
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    I dislike it. Sounds trendy / made-up.

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