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    Honest Thoughts on Eloide


    My husband and I have been at an impasse for a few weeks now about what to name a daughter if we have one (finding out sex in another few weeks).

    Originally we were both Eloise fans. Then he decided it was too dated sounding (still working on him!). He really likes Emily, but it's a common name with no oompf to me. He also like Elizabeth, which I think is just a beautiful name, but I know sooo many Elizabeths. But there are definintely great nn's that can come out of it. (Yes, I realize we like those E name...our dog is also Elsa!)

    Is Elodie a nice medium between sophistocated, girly, and not too common?

    I've read on other boards that people think it's just Melody without the M, but maybe because I know the history of the name I think it's elegant whereas Melody just is kind of 80's trashy to me (no offense if you like the name).

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    I really like Elodie, I think it's elegant and beautiful. It should prove easy for others to say and it is plenty easy to spell. I agree with you that Emily is completely way too popular and common, still a pretty name, but there will always be five other Emily's in her class.
    I like the nn possibilites to go with Elizabeth. In truth, I have only ever met personally two or three Elizabeth's. Since you seem to like E names do you like Elsie?

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    I wish I liked Elodie more than I did. I think it's pretty-sounding, but something about it feels insubstantial and made-up, regardless of the history. Actually, it gives off just the impression you described--not necessarily a first choice, but a cute alternative to more recognisable names. I think Eloise is ten times cuter. Is there some reason you're only using the letter E? If not, maybe Meredy or Meredie?

    It's a fine, beautiful name if you choose it, but it's generally one of those names that has me thinking, "you could've done better" if that makes sense.

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    I do like Elodie and think it's quite pretty

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    I definitely think it has a pretty sound, but it comes off as super trendy to me. I haven't heard of it on a real baby yet, but it seems everywhere I turn it's on someone's list or the number one choice for someone. I agree it sounds weak as a full name as well and gives off the "you could have done better" vibe as well as sounding made up-ish.

    Eloise is FAR better in my opinion. In fact, I'd go with Emily over Elodie as well because Emily gives off a classic, sophisticated sound to me, despite it's populairty. I hope you can convince your DH on Eloise, as it's the far superior choice out of all your options. Good luck!

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