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    BABY GIRL FINALLY DUE 5 October after 2 Years of IVF
    Delivery booked: Debuting on or before 26th September!

    Current favourite name for our little Miss: Phoebe Eliza Grace
    Other (MNs probably) we like: Rose Eloise Matilda Madeleine Charlotte Eliza Violet Kate Jade Elizabeth Iris Scarlett Felicity Chloe

    Current (but never to be used...) favourite boy names: Oliver Thomas Henry William Alexander Flynn Liam Hugo Isaac Bennett Nikolai Reid Edward nn Ned Gus Tobias Austin Blake

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will pass them all along to my friend, but my favorites of your suggestions are:

    Sophie Eleanor
    Sophie Adelaide
    Sophie Clara
    Sophie June
    Sophie Mabel
    Sophie Iris
    Sophie Isla
    Sophie Gemma
    Sophie Annabel
    Sophie Matilda
    Sophie Pearl

    I also thought of a few:

    Sophie Caroline
    Sophie Anneliese
    Sophie Catherine
    Sophie Mirabel
    Sophie Emmeline
    Sophie Alessandra
    Sophie Estelle
    Sophie Francine

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

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    My favorite would be the good old classic Anne. I love Anne, and I think Sophie Anne is so french and beautiful!

    Some others might be

    Sophie Mae
    Sophie Alyse
    Sophie Inez
    Sophie Rene
    Sophie Laine
    Sophie Kay
    Sophie Wynn

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