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    I second Kate and Alice!

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    Has anyone suggested Kate and Sarah?

    Best of luck.
    Mom to James Daniel (10) William Joseph (9), Elise Marie (8), and Zachary Allan (1)

    #5, coming in mid-Sept 2015--TEAM BLUE!
    Thomas (middle), Paul (vetoed), Henry (vetoed),
    (Miles, Arthur, Samuel, Seth) = "meh"

    Current short list: Andrew, George, Calvin, Theodore 'Teddy'

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    Boys: Nathan, Everett, Truett, Pierce, Reed, Dex, Spencer
    Girls: Maeva, Jade, Ellery, Marlow, Leila, Margo, Norah, Vivian

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    Whenever I see this thread, I think "Kate and Duplicate" or maybe Dupli-Kate! Not helpful, I know, just an old twin-names joke.
    I like justadeltagirl's suggestion- Margo.
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    Forty-something mom to three girls between 15 and 20 years old and a twelve-year-old boy
    Foster mom to two sweet sisters born Aug 2011 and Sept 2012

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