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  • Tyrus Daniel, Rhys Alexander & Molly Janelle

    15 50.00%
  • Tyrus Daniel, Rhys Alexander & Briar Janelle

    13 43.33%
  • Or another option entirely?

    2 6.67%
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    Question Which sibset works best??

    So my hubby agreed on Molly & Briar from my list ( I have since said that Briar with a y instead of an i looks stupid and he succombed to leaving it as is)
    Now I'm just wondering what you all think of our kids names together....

    Tyrus Daniel, Rhys Alexander & Molly Janelle OR
    Tyrus Daniel, Rhys Alexander & Briar Janelle ??

    Molly is the name of a friends new puppy but I have always seen myself with a little girl names Molly--- should this be something I worry about??
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    I like Briar more (its on my own short list) but I like Molly too.

    And I would not care what someone named their dog.

    If I loved Molly that much, I would consider Molly Briar.

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    I love Molly! It is sweet and feminine, yet uncommon. Briar is nice, but less feminine. It seems a little more unisex and the meaning isn't as nice.

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    I much prefer Molly, but Briar seems more in the style of your sons' names.
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    I like tyrus, Rhys, and brynn. Fits well!

    From your list I think Briar matches the sibset more.

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