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    Names that suggest Beethoven

    For a story, I am tentatively thinking of boy/girl names that the parents might have given kids as an homage to Beethoven. Any ideas? So far, I have:

    Boy -- Ludwig
    Girl -- Eroica, Cavatina

    Any others?

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    How about Symphony, Fantasia, Prometheus, Choral, Coriolan, Fidelio,Leonore, Egmont, Welllington, Victory, , Ruin, Athens, King, stephen, Opus, ?Clarinet, Violin? Sonatas, Tempest, Hunt, Adelaide, Gretel, Jamie, Johnie, Isla, Sunset, Bonny, Laddie, Jeanie, Ariette,

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    Elise, obviously!
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    These were great -- thanks! Many I hadn't thought of. (Egmont and Eroica as bro/sis pair -- too funny!) Though, what is the connection between Adelaide, Gretel, Jamie, Johnie, Isla, Sunset, Bonny, Laddie and Jeanie and Beethoven?

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    What about Vienna? (he lived in Vienna)

    Bonnie (He was born in Bonn)

    Julie "Giulietta" Guicciardi (he loved her, but he could not consider marrying her, due to the class difference.)

    And Elise is the obvious option (his symphony "Für Elise"). Elise's real name was Therese.

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