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    How many middles??

    Thining of adding another middle to one of my combos to avoid very unfortunate initials, but have heard many warring opinions on the idea of more than one middle. Some say two middles are pretentious and trying too hard, some think two are okay if both honour family, as name nerds, some of us use multiple middles to get the most bang for our buck out of a naming experience. My friend has no middle name, and it doesn't both her. My cousins son has 6 middle names (family tradition....) If you give one kid multiple middles, should all the kids have more than one?

    Weigh in with your opinions please! How many middles are too many? Any thoughts on middles are highly appreciated!

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    Personally, I love two middles. Any more is too many and one is ok, but two is perfect for me. I love honoring family in the middle and even if you don't like to honor family, the middle is where you can go a little crazy and use GP's. I also just like the sound and flow of long names.

    And I won't lie - as a name nerd, it really does give me the most bang for my buck! Why just choose two when I can choose three and have a beautiful name? My son has two middles, both family names, and I have never, ever had an issue with it.

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    I prefer one middle name because two sounds like a list of names to me, but I don't have a problem with parents who choose two middles. I don't think it really causes the child any problems- they just use the first initial for their middle initial. I do think kids should get at least one middle; everyone I know without a middle name wants one, and it's good to have another name to fall back on. More than two middles, though, is trying too hard and sounds ridiculous (I'm looking at you, Uma Thurman.)

    I prefer names with a meaning for both the first and middle, but especially in the middle. It's a name that's rarely used, so why pick it for fashion? It doesn't have to be a family name necessarily, it can be a name picked for another reason, but I do think it's better when the reason isn't simply style.

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    In England it's quite normal to have two middles. It's hard work, in my opinion they need to fit more than if you've only got one middle. I'm only doing two middles b/c my boyfriend's family all have two middles, and he insisted.
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    I think its hard to get two middle names that follow with the first name and i think one middle name looks nicer. But sometimes 2 middle names work.

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