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    Are Lara and Aria too similar

    Quick, simple, easy question.

    Are Lara and Aria just too similar?

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    Yes-- I think they are. You could do Lauren/Laurel and Aria or Ariel and Lara though.

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    I personally would avoid it. I like the previous poster's suggestions of Lauren, Laurel, and Ariel. You may also like Lana or Dara (though Dara would still not work well with Aria, in my opinion!).

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    I don't think they are when said aloud, but it depends how you say it. Lara and Aria may have four letters and end in A, but they have a different number of syllables, don't rhyme and are completely different in style. On paper, though, three of the four letters are the same. If you love them both, maybe move one to the middle or find a longer version you can nickname it down to.

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