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    Red face Oh' boy another brother

    Expecting our third son in June. His brothers are Tobin Grady and Jude Liam. The meaning is VERY important. The middle name will be Kyle after my father.

    Zephan (shortened from Zephaniah)

    Opinions and other suggestions please!!

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    I think that Asher is the best fit with Tobin and Jude.

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    Aww, my son's name is Kyle! Your boys' names are very handsome. Abram Kyle is my favorite! Also, how about:

    Patrick Kyle ("noble")
    David Kyle ("beloved")
    Samuel Kyle ("told by God")
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    I think Asher fits best as well...but my favorite out of the three is Abram.

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    Asher Kyle sounds the best but Abram is my favorite out of your names. Abram Kyleactually doesn't sound too bad.
    Good luck,

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