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    Question What are the most glamorous combinations you can produce using these names?

    Clara, Lucienne, Plum, Amalia, Pearl, Ines, Cecily, Nina, Boheme, Melisande, India, Claudie, Ottilie, Lilou, Cosima, Romilly, Ivy, Juniper, Fiora, Ione, Nova, Sylvie, Eloise, Amabel, Cleo, Evie, Zazie, Leonie, Simone, Celestine, Esperanza, Eulalia, Ophelie, Annora, Celia, Hazel, Mathilde, Margot, Circe, Lydie, Agathe, Valentina, Marion, Primrose, Coraline, Portia, Clarisse, Iris, Adalia, Imogen, Lola, Charlotte, Anya, Amara, Violet, Morgane, Anaelle, Solene, Xanthe, and Cleophee.

    These are my favorites and I was just wondering how others would pair them to get the best combo.
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    Eliza + Beatrix + Constance + Romilly + Clementine + Freya + Mabel + Agnes + Betty + Margot
    Felix + Ivo + Calloway + Walter + Linus + Otto + August + Hugo + Zebedee + Rollo + Phineas

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    *Magnolia Alice ( Noli) / Evangeline Violet (Eh-vee)/ Adelaide Clover (Laidy)/ Athena Florence (Attie)/
    Genevieve Winola (Vivi)/ Georgiana Marion (Gigi)/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottiline Hattie ( Tillie)*

    *Osias Grey (Si)/Augusten Grey (Auggie)/Thatcher Hawthorne/ Ignatius Wesley (Iggy)/Hawthorne Flynn (Hawk)/
    Beauregard August (Beau) /Fennec Inigo (Fenn)/Hugo Bosworth *

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