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    Pick Middle Names from 5 choices!

    Hi guys,

    I'm after some opinions! We were hoping to have had or be expecting our first little munchkin this year, but due to a change in career for me we've had to postpone plans by 2 years while I (hopefully) complete my post grad in teaching. So in the mean time perfecting our naming list is helping me cope with the wait!

    We know we will name our first baby girl Claudie. We love it and it honours OH's late grandmother Gladys since both are forms of Claudia. We also know she'll have 2 middles. Surname is 2 syllables beginning with M ending with N.

    For first middle I like:

    Kerensa - means love plus would honour my mother who goes by her middle name Karen
    Valentina - I just love this one especially next to no frills Claudie
    Genevieve - like Valentina, one of my very fave names that OH has vetoed as a first name but is happy to use as a middle

    For second middle I want a one syllable name that honours someone:

    Lyn/Lynn - I know it's a little dated but it honours 3 very close people! My mother's first name is Lyn, my mother-in-law is Marilyn and my sister is Caitlyn and I think next to such unique names as Claudie Kerensa/Valentina/Genevieve it would be fine and maybe even sound fresh and pretty
    Jane - my middle name and I'd love to pass it on as I love the name. Plus I was called Laura Jane as a child and I'd love to call her Claudie-Jane sometimes and my OH likes the idea of being able to call her CJ!

    So which combination of names do you like best and why? Please don't just choose Kerensa because it honours someone because her other two names will honour people anyway! Just choose your fave overall combo

    Thanks in advance Berries!
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    Honestly my favorite combo would be Claudie Kerensa Jane!

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    I agree with jtucker 100%. Claudie Kerensa Jane!
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    Hi Laura, Happy New Year! I hope you and yours are well! From your options, I think Claudie Kerensa Jane and Claudie Kerensa Lynn would be wonderful choices. Second choice would be Claudie Valentina Jane. I love Genevieve but it's not ideal with Claudie (too much "ee", maybe?).
    All the best,

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    Hi! I love Claudie Kerensa Jane or even Claudie Jane Kerensa, to break up the 'k' sounds a little bit.
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