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    Ft. Myers
    My grandparents: Victor Martin & Matilda Ivy (Mom's parents) and Harvey Eugene & Viola May (Dad's parents)
    My parents: Lucy Rose and Thomas William
    My aunt: Violet Mae (Dad's sister)
    My uncle: Leo Martin (Mom's brother)

    DH's grandparents: Stanley Mortimer & Anastasia Pearl (DH's mom's parents) and Walter Howard & Penelope Fay (DH's dad's parents)
    DH's parents: Victoria Grace and Nathan Charles
    DH's aunts: Kennedy Blaine and Rebecca Faith (DH's dad's sisters)
    DH's uncles: Owen Maxwell (DH's mom's brother) and Lawson Anderson (DH's dad's brother)

    Lucy Rose and Thomas William's children:
    Pregnancy 1: Horatio Marcus
    Pregnancy 2: Andrew Daniel, Matthew Joseph, Christopher Kester, Emma Margaret, Jacob Asher, Lucas Wyatt

    Victoria Grace and Nathan Charles' children:
    Pregnancy 1: Simon Alexander, Sarah Joan
    Pregnancy 2: Levi Sampson, Lola Madison

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    My Mother's Parents
    Arthur Murray & Cora Josephine

    My Father's Parents
    Martin Stanley & Beatrice Hazel

    My Parents
    Clara Josephine & Oscar Silas

    Me: Kathleen Trinette
    My Sister: Rebekah Emeline

    DH's Mother's Parents
    Raymond Walter & Helen Ruth

    DH's Father's Parents
    Eugene Victor & Elsa Dorothea

    DH's parents
    Cecilia Mae & Roman Isaac

    DH: Atticus Caesar
    DH's Sister: Eva Grace

    The rest of the family in Part 1:

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