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    List everybody and their children, then select your parents, then your partner's parents, by bolding their names.

    Now give everybody (all the children) partners(make sure your parents and your DH's parents are matched up!)-with names of your choice.
    GP1(Mother's side):
    Marley & Taylor
    McKinley & Aria
    Aurora "Rory" & Mason
    Walker & Keira
    Wylie & Talan
    Isabella "Izzy" & Sawyer

    GP1(Father's side):
    Sophia & Garrett
    Emmett & Tatiana "Tia"
    Eve & Bryce
    Ethan & Skyla "Sky"
    Sawyer & Isabella "Izzy"
    Seeley & Caedyn
    Nora & Arden

    GP2(His Mother's side):
    Claire & Spencer
    Annabelle & Braedon
    Elizabeth "Bizza" & Payton
    Jonah & Adriana
    Julian & Raeya "Rae"
    Stella & Ryder
    Brady & Narrah
    Brinsley & Parker

    GP2(His Father's side):
    Lucy "LuLu" & Dante
    Spencer & Claire
    Rebecca "Becks" & Nolan

    What are your grandparent's names?:
    Theodore "Theo" & Cordelia "Delia"
    Victor "Vic" & Vera

    What are you DH's grandparent's names?:
    Harvey & Hazel
    Calvin "Cal" & Anastasia "Ana"

    What are your parent's names?:
    Sawyer & Isabella "Izzy"

    What are your husband's parent's name?
    Spencer & Claire

    Your parents: Sawyer & Izzy
    B/B/G Triplets: Christos & Alden & Elsa
    G/B/B Triplets: Ava & Asher & Alexander "Lex"

    Your DH's parents: Spencer & Claire
    B/G Twins: Emory & Kalenah
    Boy: Maximus "Max"
    Boy: Jace
    B/B Twins: Ethan & Charles "Chad"

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    Elliot ~ Silas ~ Henry ~ Gideon ~ Ezekiel
    Evangeline ~ Sophie ~ Maisie ~ Phoebe ~ Josephine

    Crushes: Jubal ~ Avery ~ Persephone ~ Seraphina

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    What are your grandparents' names?
    Mother's side - Cal & Aggie
    Father's side - Stan & Hattie

    What are DH's grandparents' names?
    Mother's side - Ray & Dot
    Father's side - Bert & Winnie

    What are your parents' names?
    Katherine Maria 'Kathy' & Samuel Rupert 'Sam'

    What are DH's parents' names?
    Claire Elizabeth 'Clary' & Thomas Michael 'Tom'
    DH: Samuel Rupert 'Sam'
    DW: Katherine Maria 'Kathy'
    - DS: Lucas Wyatt
    - DD: Caitlin Reina
    - DD: Hester Lydia
    - DD: Tabitha Mercy

    DH: Thomas Michael 'Tom'
    DW: Claire Elizabeth 'Clary'
    - DS: Theon Felix
    - DS: Reuben Isaiah
    - DD: Talullah Grace

    Me and my DH: Hester Lydia and Reuben Isaiah
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    What are your grandparent's names?
    Mother's side - Stanley & Viola
    Father's side - Arthur & Harriet

    What are you DH's grandparent's names?
    Mother's side - Monty & Esther
    Father's side - Edmund & Winifred

    What are your parent's names?
    Gideon Miles & Delaney Blaine "Laney"

    What are your husband's parents' names?
    Nathaniel Tristan "Nate" & Agnes Joy "Aggie"

    Your Parents:
    DH: Gideon Miles
    DW: Delaney Blaine "Laney"
    DD: Greta Mae
    DD: Elise Isabel
    DD: Katerina Trinette "Kate"
    DD: Bella Isle

    Your DH's parents:
    DH: Nathaniel Tristan "Nate"
    DW: Agnes Joy "Aggie"
    DS: Amos Clay
    DS: Septimus Horatio
    DD: Vivien Audrey
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    where is part 3? you did part 2 very quickly after part 1, i was wondering how part 3 is coming along?

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