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    It definitely is a nice fit. Lucia and Colette.
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    Colette is a gorgeous French name that goes great with Lucia.
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    Colette is not my cup of tea. It is a common middle aged named where I live. I know several Colettes and they are all between 35 and 65. It just seems plain and common to me.

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    I love Colette and would never want to shorten it! But I will admit I am also not a big fan of Etty......maybe it would be a cute once-in-a-while nickname.......Colette is just perfect on its own, though. I love it with Lucia, too!

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    Colette and Lucia are gorgeous together! truthfully not a big fan of Etty, I prefer Collie or something. I also love your pronunciation of Lucia, it's my favourite way to say it.
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