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    Your Grandparents (GP1):
    Mother's Parents: Theodore Eugene Smith & Clara Ruth (nee Lowell) Smith

    Father's Parents: Calvin Edmund Benson & Imogen Pearl (nee Fowler) Benson

    Your DH's Grandparents (GP2):
    His Mother's Parents: Milton Seymour Montgomery & Zenobia Fay (nee Noel) Montgomery

    His Father's Parent's: Arthur Mortimer Danvers & Edith Prudence (nee Dalton) Danvers

    GP1-Mother: Theodore & Clara Smith
    Pregnancy #1: Boy; Adam Benjamin Smith
    Pregnancy #2: Girl; Emma Caroline Smith
    Pregnancy #3: Boy; Henry Joseph Smith
    Pregnancy #4: Boy; Tobias Rupert Smith

    GP1-Father: Calvin & Imogen Benson
    Pregnancy #1: Boy; John William Benson
    Pregnancy #2: Girl; Abigail Mae Benson
    Pregnancy #3: Boy; Stephan Robert Benson
    Pregnancy #4: Boy; Ethan Emmett Benson

    GP2-Mother: Milton & Zenobia Montgomery
    Pregnancy #1: Girl; Amelia Jane Montgomery
    Pregnancy #2: Boy; Tobias Simon Montgomery
    Pregnancy #3: Girl; Sarah Laura Montgomery
    Pregnancy #4: Girl; Sabrina Olivia Montgomery

    GP2-Father: Arthur & Edith Danvers
    Pregnancy #1: B/G twins; Lennox Gray Danvers & Brinsley Winslet Danvers
    Pregnancy #2: Boy; Elias Owen Danvers
    Pregnancy #3: B/G twins; Wylie Kennedy Danvers & Channing Sawyer Danvers
    Pregnancy #4: Boy; Zachary Maxwell Danvers
    Pregnancy #5: Boy; Paul David Danvers

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    Mother's Parents:
    DH - Sidney Walter "Sid"
    DW - Opal Augusta
    --Rebecca Kate "Becky"
    --Samuel Quincy "Sam"
    --Margaret Anne "Maggie"

    Father's Parents:
    DH - Gus Gilbert
    DW - Ivy Josephine
    --Sophia Jean "Sophie"
    --Caroline Rose
    --William Peter "Will"
    --Juliet Mae

    Mother's Parents:
    DH - Edwin Martin "Eddie"
    DW - Evelyn May "Evie"
    --Susannah Rose "Susie"

    Father's Parents:
    DH - Raymond Mortimer "Ray"
    DW - Vivian Harriet "Vivi"
    --Charles David "Charlie"
    --Henry Miles "Hank"
    --Virginia Anne "Ginny"
    Elliot ~ Silas ~ Henry ~ Gideon ~ Ezekiel
    Evangeline ~ Sophie ~ Maisie ~ Phoebe ~ Josephine

    Crushes: Jubal ~ Avery ~ Persephone ~ Seraphina

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    Mother's Parents:
    -- DH: Calvin Murray 'Cal'
    -- DW: Agnes Lavinia 'Aggie'

    Father's Parents:
    -- DH: Stanley Frederick 'Stan'
    -- DW: Harriet Myrtle 'Hattie'

    Mother's Parents:
    -- DH: Raymond Arthur 'Ray'
    -- DW: Dorothea Mabel 'Dot'

    Father's Parents:
    -- DH: Gilbert Mortimer 'Bert'
    -- DW: Winifred Augusta 'Winnie'

    Cal & Aggie:
    1. Katherine Maria 'Kathy'
    2. Maxwell Sebastian 'Max'
    3. Charles Nathaniel 'Charlie'
    4. Zachary Isaac 'Zac'
    5. Henry David 'Harry'
    6. Amelia Florence 'Amy'
    7. William Daniel 'Will'

    Stan & Hattie:
    1. Samuel Rupert 'Sam'
    2. Margaret Sophia 'Maggie'

    Ray & Dot:
    1. Pamela Ruth 'Pam'
    2. Abigail Rebecca 'Abbie'
    3. Alexander Timothy 'Alex'
    4. Edwin Spencer 'Eddie'
    5. Claire Elizabeth 'Clary'

    Bert & Winnie:
    1. Madeline Grace 'Maddy'
    2. Beatrice Matilda 'Trixie'
    3. Eleanor Helen 'Nora'
    4. Cecilia Hazel 'Cece'
    5. Thomas Michael 'Tom'

    My Parents = Kathy and Sam
    DH's Parents = Clary and Tom
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    Your Grandparents (GP1):
    Mother's Parents:
    DH- Louis Seymour
    DW- Florence Matilda "Flo"
    --Ellison Delaney "Ellie" & Walker Langdon
    -- Beatrice Rose "Bea"
    -- James Timothy "Jamie"
    -- Rebecca Nora "Becca"
    -- Jacob Hugh "Jake"
    -- Simon Jude

    Father's Parents:
    DH- Gus Milton
    DW- Helen Ruth
    -- Kennedy Gray "Kenna" & Finnigan Malloy "Finn"
    -- Charlotte Lucy "Lottie"

    Your DH's Grandparents (GP2):
    His Mother's Parents
    DH- Stanley Howard "Stan"
    DW- Dorothea Ida
    -- John Charles "Jack"
    -- Josephine Cecilia "Josie"

    His Father's Parent's
    DH- Walter Barney "Walt"
    DW- Mabel Edith
    -- Elizabeth Diana "Lizzy"
    -- Maxwell Oliver "Max"
    -- Robert Joseph "Rob"
    -- Samuel Ethan "Sam"
    Violet - Christabel - Juliet - Embry
    Sam - Isaac - Asher - Lonan

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    Your Grandparents:
    Mother's Parents
    DH- Stanley Wilbur "Stan"
    DW- Viola Iris "Vi"

    Father's Parents:
    DH- Arthur Milton "Art"
    DW- Harriet May "Hattie"

    Your DH's Grandparents:
    His Mother's Parents
    DH- Monty Frederick
    DW- Esther Adeline

    His Father's Parent's
    DH- Edmund Mortimer "Ned"
    DW- Winifred Ruth "Winnie

    Stanley & Viola:
    1. Nicholas Vincent "Nick"
    2. Quincy Jude
    3. Patrick Daniel
    4. Jasper Felix
    5. Timothy Luke "Timmy"

    Arthur & Harriet:
    1. Delaney Blaine "Laney" & Gardener Smith "Garder"
    2. Silas Archibald
    3. Leo Alexader
    4. Oliver Caleb "Ollie"

    Monty & Esther:
    1. Lucy Eve
    2. Issac Zachary
    3. Guthrie Smith "Gus" & Ellison Sawyer "Ellie"
    4. Nathaniel Tristan "Nate"
    5. Henry Paul
    6. Emmett Emmanuel
    7. Peter Antony

    Edmund & Winifred:
    1. Jane Elizabeth
    2. Caroline Faith
    3. Theodore Joseph "Theo"
    4. Josiah August "Joey"
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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