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    Pretty name found in baby name book....

    Have you heard of Malana? It's just like Alana but with an M. I have heard several different variations of this -- Milena, Milana, Malina, etc. It is Hawaiian and means "light, buoyant."

    I recently started a thread about different ways to pronounce Milena, as we love that name but want something more phonetic. I think we might have found that with Malana?

    I think it's quite pretty and very feminine. What are your thoughts? And is it easily pronounced and spelled?

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    I like it! I think Hawaiian names are so beautiful. I lived on Maui for four years and stored away some good ones as I heard them .
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    I wouldn't have though Malana was pronounced like Alana. I would have pronounced it Mah-lay-nuh.

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    I think it's pretty but I don't think it's completely foolproof from mispronunciation (I'm assuming the pronunciation is Mal-ah-nah, but people might also say Mal-anna or Mal-ay-nah). However, practically any name is going to get mispronounced now and then (except for super common or super traditional names). You should just use whichever form of the name you like the most.
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    Malana is intriguing. The appeal of Malia but the longer, feminine feel of Milena/Melina/Milana/etc. I know a little girl named Milana, I think it's nice, but of all the options, I prefer Milena and Malia the most.
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