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Thread: Too plucky?...

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    Too plucky?...

    My boyfriend and I have settled on Teagan for the first name of our second baby girl due at end of May/ early June. And we have thrown middle name ideas back and forth for a while. I know we still have plenty of time to choose but i'm a bit on the impatient side. I like to identify with the little life inside me.
    Our other little girl is Rowan Josephine. Which was solid right from the start.

    I would like a middle name that relates to nature in some way. I like flower names typically. But Lily and Daisy are so overused.
    Right now i'm leaning heavily on Poppy for a middle name. But my bf cringes at the idea.
    I think it's perfect! We are both native Californians, and it's our state flower!

    Is it worth pushing? Or am I just not hearing it the same as he is?

    Teagan Poppy

    yay or nay?

    Other flowery or nature suggestions?

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    Teagan Poppy is a bit abrupt and lacking flow, though I do adore the name Poppy.

    These are the first ones that pop into my head. Teagan Madelief, Teagan Chrysanthe, Teagan Lilac, Teagan Lavender
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    I don't know what it is, but Teagan Poppy just doesn't flow well for me. I think maybe it's that they both have pretty strong consonant sounds, so they're a bit clashy in a way? I totally understand your dilemma - I prefer to have a baby name settled on ASAP because it helps me identify with the baby too.

    Some nature-y combos I'm throwing out here:

    Teagan Azalea
    Teagan Camellia
    Teagan Acacia
    Teagan Fern
    Teagan Meadow
    Teagan Wren
    Teagan Sage

    Those are all something a bit softer to go with the strong sounds and androgyny of Teagan.

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    Mmm I agree, it is a bit abrupt. But if you really like it you could consider adding a second middlename?

    Teagan Poppy Grace
    Teagan Poppy Jane
    Teagan Poppy Marie
    Teagan Poppy Lynn

    Other than that, I go like the suggestion of Teagan Lavender!

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    First of all, I think Rowan and Teagan are perfectly matched sister names! However, like the pp said, while Poppy is fun, Teagan Poppy does not flow very well.

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