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    How to get the hubby involved in naming...

    Hi berries! I've loved names for as long as I can remember, I am always making lists and making mental notes of names I hear while out and about. My husband does not share this same passion. He will answer yes or no to my endless "Do you like ____?" questions. I was just wondering how you got your significant others to discuss names. Did they refuse until you were expecting? Did they like to talk about names?

    One thing I convinced him to do was to take a name quiz that I made. It was just multiple choice grouped by the starting letter - I did one for boys and girls. He didn't seem excited about it but he did it!
    Archer Gregory James . Leo Benjamin North

    Violet Elizabeth Laine . Juno Catherine Liv

    Other Favorites:
    Arrow . Asher . Beau . Bodhi . Caspian . Dominic . Finn . Fox . Halen . Hugo . Navy . Vaughn
    Avalon . Everly . Indigo . Luna . Mira . Reverie . Rowan . Soleil . Summer . Tessa . Vesper . Winter

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