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Thread: Emrys

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    I think it's beautiful. A little less head-on than Ambrose. For me, it's a tossup between Emrys and Ambrose. I love Ambrose's "rose," but Emrys has the Y, and it's Welsh! Supposedly, the character of Merlin was based on an Emrys. May I ask what your top five are?

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    Whoops! Sparrowfinch, didn't see your comment. Not being a big Merlin-maven myself, I wouldn't assume someone who named her son Emrys was some kind of Dungeons and Dragons nerd..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Since the TV show is pretty terrible and will hardly be a classic
    Sorry, haha, just had to comment on this because Merlin is my favourite TV show and this really made me laugh :P Don't worry, totally get it's not everyone's cup of tea or high art or anything, just made me chuckle.

    Anyway, back to the name. I adore Emrys and think it would be an amazing choice steeped in history. It's beautifully rare but would still fit in with the Em- sound. It's solidly in my top five, too
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    Ooh, i love Emrys. it's sort of mysterious sounding, and i love Welsh names in general.

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    I think in Wales it is pronounced em-REESE. Myrddin Emrys is the Welsh variant of the name Merlinus Ambrosius. But Geoffrey of Monmouth was writing in Latin, so he *Latinized* the existing Welsh name. Whether or not the Ambrosius was actually part of the historical Merlin's name (assuming he really existed in some, very diluted form) or was simply attached due to beliefs re: his immortality is up for debate.

    I love it. I wish it were a realistic option for my family, but it could never work with our Arabic surname.
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