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    It's actually Cornish, and DH and I both have British Isles heritage. The nickname I love with it is Demi. I love Demetria with the nickname Demi as well but DH has vetoed that one.
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    I think that it is usable, I just don't think that it is a very pretty name.

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    Well, it's not my favorite, but when I read in the profile that someone named the heroine of their book series Demelza I could totally see her: a quirky but confident girl.
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    It reminds me of names like Dorcas and Bertha and Gladys. It just feels exceptionally old fashioned.
    I personally don't like it, but it's not horrific.
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    I love Demelza! I've never considered it unusable at all, but maybe it depends on where you are. Here in the UK I actually know a Demelza, plus the hugely successful Poldark books/series has made it much more familiar. It has great nn options (I love Elza the best, I think), a great literary reference, and - in my opinion - a beautiful sound. Also, it's the name of a hamlet in beautiful Cornwall.
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