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Thread: Bronte

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    I absolutely love this name, and we were going to use it if we were having a girl.
    I was just wondering if the nn Bonnie would work?

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    I think Bonnie can work as a nickname for Bronte. It doesn't really help shorten it, but it's sweet.
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    I really want it to work, as it's a cute nickname, but it doesn't quite for me. That said, if you call her Bonnie, and she says she's called Bonnie, that's probably what folks will call her.

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    The name Bronte is a nice one, however, the only one I have ever known was a boy, so it's a little bit of a stretch for me to see it on a girl. However, I absolutely adore the name Bonnie, it is a really sweet name. You could probably use Bonnie as a nickname for Bronte, you would just have to make sure that you always called her Bonnie so others would pick up on it as well.

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    I think it works.

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