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Thread: Chance game!

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    Chance game!

    This is a 'chance quiz' game, so there's no dice hassle, but it's based on things that are immediately around you/that change constantly/etc so hopefully you'll be able to play it a few times in different days/places and get different results each time! A recyclable game, kind of.

    What was the last think you drank?
    Water - DW first & middle from
    Coffee - DW first & middle from
    Tea - DW first & middle from
    Alcohol - DW first & middle from
    Juice - DW first & middle from
    Hot chocolate - DW first & middle from
    Fizzy drink - DW first & middle from
    Other - DW first & middle from

    Who was the last person you spoke to?
    Parent - DH first & middle from
    Sibling - DH first & middle from
    Close friend - DH first & middle from
    Not-so-close friend - DH first & middle from
    Colleague - DH first & middle from
    Stranger/shopkeeper/etc - DH first & middle from
    Enemy? - DH first & middle from

    BIRTH #1
    What species is the living thing that's physically closest to you right now?
    Human - Girl! First & middle from
    Cat - Boy! First & middle from
    Dog - Boy! First & middle from
    Rodent - Girl! First & middle from
    Reptile - Girl! First & middle from
    Other - Boy! First & middle from

    BIRTH #2
    What colour is the thing closest to your right hand (besides whatever you're typing on)?
    Blue - Girl! First & middle from
    White - Boy/girl twins! First & middle from
    Black - Girl/girl twins! First & middle from
    Grey - Boy! First & middle from
    Red - Girl! First & middle from
    Green - Boy! First & middle from
    Yellow - Boy/boy twins! First & middle from
    Brown - Girl/boy twins! First & middle from
    Purple/pink - Boy/boy twins! First & middle from
    Other - Girl/girl twins! First & middle from

    BIRTH #3
    What was the last thing you ate?
    Something sweet - Boy! First & middle from
    Something savoury - Girl! First & middle from

    BIRTH #4
    Do you have Facebook open in an Internet tab right now?
    Yes - Boy! First & middle from
    No - Girl! First & middle from

    BIRTH #5
    Whichever gender you have less of!
    First from
    Middle from

    Hope you enjoyed it!
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    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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