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    Finalizing girl list....hopefully

    We are having the hardest time deciding on a girls name. Her twin will be named Lincoln and she has an older brother Brody. This is our list....please fill free to add any other name suggestions. Please let me know your thoughts

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    Hattie and Lincoln is great. Hattie gets my vote!

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    Ruby is a fave of mine but getting nutso popular! I'd vote Hattie.. not just for less popularity but it's adorable and sounds perfect with Lincoln and Brody. Congrats on the twins

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    Brody and Lincoln are amazing! I really love both Hattie and Ruby--I worry that Brody and Ruby are a bit too matchy, but I prefer Ruby as a FN to Hattie. In general, though, I like Hattie better, so that gets my vote. Brody, Lincoln, and Hattie are very cute together!
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    Hattie most definitely!!!

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