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    I think in the US, the Keira spelling works the best since that's the one people are most familiar with due to Keira Knightley.

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    I like Kira or Ciara. I just don't like the look of Kiera at all. Kira is a legit, original spelling, too.

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    Kira is my favorite spelling. Kyra could also work- there's a famous actress with her name spelled like that (can't remember who). Though that runs the chance of being mispronounced as kye-ruh. Both, however, are seperate names from the Ciara origin- meaning light.

    I thought Ciara was prn Sierra, because I knew a girl named that who said that was how it was said. So, I just thought it was a kry8tiv spelling and then got laughed at on forums. Ciara is likely used as a yunieke spelling of Sierra here in the States, so it doesn't make a good choice IMO if you want to prn it the correct way.
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    I like the traditional Ciara best.

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    I like Ciara or Kiera.

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