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    Short Blended CAF w/ Initials

    LN: S

    DW: TL (maiden name: P)
    DH: TJ

    DS: CP
    DS: PE

    DH: CP
    exDW: LA (maiden name: J)
    DW: TM
    DD: SP
    stepDS: YP
    DD: SM
    DS: JC
    DS: AT

    DH: PE
    exDW: LM (maiden name: S)
    DD: VR
    --DS: S
    DD: IB
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    LN: Siemens

    DW: Tamara Lizette Siemens née Peterssen
    DH: Thayer Jürgen Siemens

    DS: Cedric Paul Siemens
    DS: Patrick Edmund Siemens

    DH: Cedric Paul Siemens
    exDW: Lily Anne Jacobs {Siemens}
    DW: Tamsin Margaret Siemens née Jewell
    DD: Sigrid Paula Chéreau née Siemens
    stepDS: Yves Pierre Chéreau
    DD: Sylvia Madeleine Siemens
    DS: Jonathan Carl Siemens
    DS: Adrian Thayer Siemens

    DH: Patrick Edmund Siemens
    exDW: Lilia Matilda Sullivan {Siemens}
    DD: Valerie Rosalind Siemens
    --DS: Scott Siemens
    DD: Ingrid Bettina Siemens
    eva thyssen
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    LN: Schofield

    DW: Teresa Lynn (nee Phillips)
    DH: Timothy James

    DS: Clayton Phillip
    DS: Preston Elliot

    Tim and Teresa Schofield; Clay and Preston

    DH: Clayton Phillip
    exDW: Lori Ann (nee Jenkins)
    DW: Taylor Marie

    DD: Sydney Paige
    stepDS: Yale Princeton
    DD: Sadie Marisol
    DS: Joel Clayton
    DS: Alec Taylor

    Clay and Taylor Schofield
    Sydney, Yale, Sadie, Joel and Alec

    DH: Preston Elliot
    exDW: Lindsay Michelle (nee Scott)

    DD: Violet Rose
    --DS: Sullivan
    DD: Isla Briar

    Preston Schofield
    Violet, Isla and Sullivan
    Current Favorites
    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
    Grant Harrison / Levi Charles / Reid Samuel

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