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    This or that: "A" girl names

    This or that: "A"girl names
    Just pick which one from each pair you like better. That's it!
    Oh, and spellings are as shown! All names taken from the alphabetical list of A girl names on Nameberry.

    Abbigail or Acacia?
    Ada or Adamina?
    Addisyn or Adeline?
    Adora or Adriana?
    Agatha or Aimee?
    Alabama or Alana?
    Alaska or Alberta?
    Aleigha or Alexia?
    Alexina or Alice?
    Alfreda or Alienor?
    Alizabeth or Alivia?
    Amadea or Amaryllis?
    Amity or Anastasia?
    Andromeda or Angel?
    Anemone or Anjelica?
    Annistyn or Aphrodite?
    April or Aqua?
    Araminta or Aria?
    Ariadne or Arissa?
    Arizona or Arlo?
    Arthurette or Asha?
    Aurinda or Aurora?
    Ava or Axelle?
    Azalea or Azami?
    I'm just gonna play Baby Name Games for a while.

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    Abbigail or Acacia? Erm Abigail with one b!
    Ada or Adamina? Ada
    Addisyn or Adeline? Adeline
    Adora or Adriana? Adriana
    Agatha or Aimee? Agatha
    Alabama or Alana? Alannah with the long spelling
    Alaska or Alberta? Neither!
    Aleigha or Alexia? Alexia
    Alexina or Alice? Alice
    Alfreda or Alienor? Neither, Alfreda sounds like a pasta dish, just use Elfrida!
    Alizabeth or Alivia? Has someone got the idea to turn all vowels into A? Erm... Alizabeth?
    Amadea or Amaryllis? Amadea
    Amity or Anastasia? Anastasia
    Andromeda or Angel? Andromeda
    Anemone or Anjelica? Angelica with a g
    Annistyn or Aphrodite? Aphrodite
    April or Aqua? Neither, yuck
    Araminta or Aria? Araminta
    Ariadne or Arissa? Ariadne
    Arizona or Arlo? One's a state, the other's a boy name, but at least it's a name, Arlo.
    Arthurette or Asha? Arthurette?!? Somebody would do that to a child?! Asha
    Aurinda or Aurora? Aurora
    Ava or Axelle? Although I love me some guns n roses, that's a boy's name written wrong, Ava.
    Azalea or Azami? Erm, Azalea I suppose
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