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    Names to honour a George

    Are there any boy names that could be used to honour a George without actually using the name George?

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    You could go with an international variation

    or even just Geo (if you're okay with more unique)

    or something that also means farmer like George
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    the name George was derived from the greek word for farmer/earthworker/work/earth. You could look into names that have a similar meaning. Some suggestions could be: Emmerich (work/labour), Smith (metalworker/blacksmith), Adam (from the earth Adam is similar to the Hebrew word for earth), Kun (earth), Enki (ford of the earth) and even Farmer - which would be part of the occupational name trend - like Gardner ... ooo Gardner would work to.

    Otherwise variations for different countries are plentiful as well: Jordi, Jory, Siorus and Juro are some of my favorite.

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